Increase iCloud space for free with this trick

Apple launched a new feature in iOS 15, through which you can increase the space of iCloud for free without the need to subscribe to the service.

This feature works best when you are trying to switch from an old phone to a new one, so you can count on it if you get a new one.

You can transfer data and files from your old phone to your new one through one of three different ways:

  • Use a MacBook with Catalina or later, but of course you need a MacBook.
  • Or use Apple’s tool for transferring data between phones, but this means that you will not use both phones until the transfer is complete.
  • Use the new tool provided by the iCloud service to transfer data between phones.

And the trick that we mention to you works to save the extra space through the data transfer feature using the new iCloud tool, so you should use iOS 15 exclusively.

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Steps to increase iCloud space for free without subscribing to the service

You first need to install iOS 15 on your old phone, then go to the Settings app, and then choose General Settings.

Within the general settings, you will find a new option, which is move the phone or reset and format, and you need to press it to go to the new page.

And when you click on this option, the phone tells you that you can get additional iCloud space to transfer files.

You must read the new transfer conditions completely so you know what you are doing, and then press complete to move on to the next step, as this method gives you additional space for only 21 days.

And if the phone tells you that you need to enable iCloud backup, you must accept this option and activate it.

After that, you will be presented with a screen to choose the applications that you need to store in your iCloud space and keep them.

On this screen, you can choose specific applications to store in the new space or click on all applications to store them.

After that, you will see that the option to backup to your iCloud account is activated and works automatically.

Thus, I was able to increase the iCloud space for free without the need to subscribe to the service or pay any additional amounts to use it.

But if you have a lot of data stored in your phone, and you want to take a backup of it, the best solution is to subscribe to the paid iCloud service.

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