Indicators in Qatar suggest the COVID 19 third wave is near its peak: MoPH

According to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), the most current data appear to imply that Qatar has hit the top of the Covid-19 third wave, as the number of new daily cases is now dropping.

MoPH made the observation in its daily Covid announcement on Friday, when the country had 1,743 Covid-19 instances.

“Like many countries around the world, Qatar has been confronting a new wave of Covid-19, driven by the highly contagious Omicron variant,” the statement noted. “The most recent data appears to show that we have reached the peak of this third wave as the number of new daily cases is now declining.
“The support of the community in adhering to the government restrictions and standard Covid-19 precautions, as well as the high vaccination rate, has played a significant role in reaching a plateau of new daily cases.”

Although the virus continues to spread and new cases are being discovered every day, it is vital that individuals continue to be careful and adhere to the limits and preventative measures, according to a statement.

There is a lot of evidence that the vaccines work to protect people, most people who go to the ICU with Covid-19 haven’t been vaccinated or haven’t had their second dose in more than six months and haven’t had a booster dose.

“With Covid-19 still a threat to our health here in Qatar, it is important for everyone to play their role in controlling the virus by following precautionary measures: adherence to physical distancing; avoiding close contact with others, crowded places and confined closed spaces where people congregate; wearing a face mask; and washing hands regularly,” the Ministry of Public Health advised.

When their turn arrives, people should have the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 should call the 16000 helplines right away. This is crucial since the sooner the sickness is recognised, the easier it will be to receive the appropriate therapy and recover.

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