IndiEV unveils electric car with built-in flagship computer

Electric car startup IndiEV has unveiled a new electric car that comes with a built-in PC. This company was founded in California, and began to show new ideas in the field of electric cars, but without announcing its founder or the story of its foundation.

According to IdiEV, its new car will be called the Indi One, and its price will start at only $45,000, and it will be launched at the end of 2022.

The company relies on offering the car in different price options, with differences in the size and capacity of the batteries. But what is distinctive about the car is the introduction of a pioneering computer integrated into the car. Which will be responsible for running visual content and even games and apps inside the car.

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The Indi One’s built-in computer comes with Intel’s flagship i7 processor. Along with a graphics card RTX 2080 from Nvidia. It is a leading specification in many respects.

The company aims to make the computer built into its car capable of running any leading AAA game in high definition, with support for virtual reality as well. The car offers two 15-inch touch screens, one of them is dedicated to managing car matters, and the second is dedicated to the built-in computer.

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Electric car with pioneer computer

During the official unveiling, the company talked about other matters of importance, such as the possibility of photographing the road using the cameras integrated in the front and rear of the car. This is in addition to the car’s dependence on the fifth generation networks.

The company stated that the work team includes more than 65 employees. The team worked to fit the pioneering computer integrated under the hood – or trunk in this case – the front.

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And the situation for IndiEV remains quite peculiar. Whereas, the company stated that its “supplier” in South Korea had prepared and dispatched 12 prototypes of the vehicle, while import data indicated that one model had been shipped, and it had been received by a company known as Merit Inc.

When the company’s chief operating officer, John F. Kennedy, was asked about the company’s funding sources, he refused to answer. However, the company was actually founded by a Chinese entrepreneur named Shi Hai. He is the one who owns a gaming company known as Snail Games.

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It is reported that Shi Hai was sued by a senior employee of his company due to his racism against non-Chinese employees, because working with Hai was quite difficult. The situation was repeated again in 2019 when the head of supply chains at IndiEV sued its founder Shi for similar reasons.

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