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Insider confirms new PvPvE mode, a Warzone map and more

The week so far seems to have been dominated by leaks for “Call of Duty 2022”. This time, the insider Tom Henderson, who is considered a reliable source, spoke up with unconfirmed details and spoke, among other things, of a new PvPvE mode.

Yesterday, Monday, we received a supposed leak about the next “Call of Duty” adventure, which is currently under development at Infinity Ward and will be released for consoles and PC in the coming year. In the leak mentioned, among other things, there was talk of a moral system that should give the players the opportunity to influence the further course of the story with their own decisions.

In the meantime, the well-known “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” insider Tom Henderson spoke up. As Henderson confirmed, “Call of Duty 2022” should indeed come up with a moral system. However, the effects will be significantly less than one might think. Henderson continued with a look at the campaign that Task Force 141 will return with several playable protagonists and take up the fight against a Colombian drug cartel in the new “Call of Duty”.

New AI routines for more realism

In addition to various weapons, players are also offered vehicles such as military inflatable boats or small helicopters with which they can tackle the missions ahead of them. According to his information, Henderson can also confirm the fact that your opponents in the campaign for the new “Call of Duty”, which is said to be a direct successor to “Modern Warfare” from 2019, will receive new AI routines that add even more realism. For example, wounded opponents withdraw from combat to take care of their wounds.

On the subject: Call of Duty 2022: Campaign with a moral system and ruthless reality?

Even though there are several new animations for pinching or striking weapons, we shouldn’t expect them to be introduced in the form of new game mechanics, according to Henderson. We are dealing much more with scripted moments that will create more tension or particularly dramatic scenes in the campaign.

Unconfirmed details about multiplayer

Henderson also provided unconfirmed details on the multiplayer of the upcoming “Call of Duty” title and reported on a new “Warzone” map. Since the predecessors also included a new map for the Battle Royal Shooter, this detail should not surprise most people. According to the insider, the map will contain various locations from the original “Modern Warfare 2” from 2009 and combine elements of classic maps such as “Favela”, “Afghan”, “Quarry” or “Terminal”. At the same time, the said map acts as the setting for a new PvPvE mode, which has apparently been in development for years.

On the subject: Call of Duty 2022: Insider confirms a direct successor to Modern Warfare

Similar to the “Hazard Zone” from “Battlefield 2042”, PvP and PvE elements are combined in the new mode, whereby the players are faced with the task of completing goal-based missions and facing both human and AI opponents claim. According to Henderson, it is conceivable that the new PvPvE mode will replace the zombie mode in the coming year.

However, the information provided by the insider has not yet been officially confirmed. Especially since the release of “Call of Duty: Vanguard” at the end of the week should be the focus of internal efforts.

Source: Videogames Chronicle

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