Inspired by Rocky Balboa, Shorty Torres Releases Poster for Upcoming BRAVE CF 55 Fight in Russia


In 1985, Rocky Balboa traveled the world to land in Russia and face the greatest challenge of his career on the day of Christmas.

On the other side of the ring Ivan Drago it was the Soviet boxer who had killed his former opponent and friend Apollo Creed during an exhibition match months before. After a 15-round war, Rocky manages to knock out Drago with a few seconds left and delivers an inspiring speech about change to a previously hostile crowd now in the midst of a standing ovation… and then comes the epic close to the story.

The plot of Rocky IV, the fourth installment in the hit movie franchise Sylvester Stallone, brought millions to theaters in the 1980s and touched the hearts of many others since then, including the young José «Shorty» Torres. So much so that, when he had the opportunity, Torres did not think twice about recreating what is one of his favorite films.

The similarities are there, indeed, except of course for the whole revenge part. Shorty is about to leave his hometown of Chicago, approximately 800 miles from the Rocky’s philadelphia, and go up Russia to take on the greatest challenge of your career, one that can have huge implications for your future.

Towers, that he even got a poster inspired by Rocky for the fight, he will face Ali “Puncherking” Bagautinov at the main event on the night of BRAVE CF 55, on November 6, in Rostov, Russia.

The winner of this long-awaited flyweight fight will advance to the prestigious world flyweight title BRAVE CF against Velimurad Alkhasov.

But to see if Torres is Rocky or Apollo in this story, we will have to wait a few more weeks.

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