iPhone 13 is catching up: We have all been waiting for this message

The new iPhone 13 has been available for weeks if you catch one. Apple is also suffering from the global chip crisis and has to put customers off, extremely long delivery times are quite normal. However, we are now receiving positive news that we have all waited so long for.

If you want a new iPhone 13, you have to get up early and order in good time, because long delivery times are part of the program right from the start. Due to the worldwide shortage of chips, it is particularly bad this year, sometimes you have to wait months for a delivery. But it gets better There is a slight relaxation on the horizonAccording to the latest news from insider circles (source: DigiTimes).

iPhone 13 more available: Apple’s production is catching up

It is reported that as the holiday season approaches, Apple’s suppliers have managed to reduce the shortage of certain components. Accordingly, the production of the iPhone 13 could be accelerated. As a result, the gap between supply and demand should gradually narrow.

in the following video Apple reveals how you can make really cool films with the iPhone 13:

But there can certainly be no talk of general relaxation. In the last quarter, Apple was angry about potentially 6 billion US dollars less in the cash register, due to the current crisis. For the Christmas present, Apple warned investors again: The impact of the chip shortage in the coming Christmas quarter could probably be more than the mentioned 6 billion US dollars.

Current situation in retail

According to our research over the past few days, it shows ambivalent picture of the availability of the new Apple cell phone. The small iPhone 13 mini is consistently readily available, and demand is anything but particularly strong. The situation with the standard model could also improve somewhat, at least you don’t have to wait months for a delivery. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are different. If you want to buy the professional mobile phones from Apple, you have to be patient. A delivery time of one or two months is not uncommon, and spontaneous purchases are completely ruled out.

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