iPhone users with Windows: Apple donates an important update

Not all iPhone users have a Mac. Very many of them actually use a Windows PC or laptop. For this clientele there is now an important update from Apple – the installation is recommended.

If you want to fully exploit the potential of your iPhone, you can of course use the various iCloud services. With Apple’s devices, they do not require any separate software. Whether iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS or watchOS – everything is so nicely integrated into the system. A PC or notebook with Windows, on the other hand, is initially a foreign body with “iCloud for Windows” but a nearly full member of the Apple family.

iPhone users get iCloud for Windows in version 13

Now Apple is donating the Windows software important update to version 13. Some new features are arriving, including support for the professional file formats of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max). But iCloud also helps with the automatic creation of secure passwords. Apple states:

News in this version:

For files or folders shared on iCloud Drive, allow participants to add or remove people. Support for Apple ProRes videos and Apple ProRaw photos. Support for generating strong passwords using the iCloud Passwords app.

Maybe you prefer to get a MacBook right away? You can find out why this could be worthwhile in the video:

Aside from new features, there were also numerous Security updates integrated. For this reason alone, an installation is recommended to every user. What you shouldn’t forget: At least Windows 10 is required, older systems are not supported.

What does iCloud cost?

You can get iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store. Of course it doesn’t cost anything, the download is free. In contrast to iCloud storage space. 5 GB is free, but not really useful. If you also want to store backups and more, you need more space. For example, for 50 GB we pay 99 cents per month. For 2.99 euros we get 200 GB, but if you need 2 TB, you have to plan for 9.99 euros per month.

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