Israel Adesanya predicts Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori: «I want my children …»


Paulo Costa vs. Marvin vettori It is the main fight of the event this coming Saturday UFC Vegas 41 and Israel Adesanya predict what will happen. It is interesting to note that the 185-pound world champion beat both fighters in his last two title defenses, beating the Brazilian by second round TKO in 2020 and beating the Italian by unanimous decision in June 2021. Next we read his statements on his channel Youtube.

Israel Adesanya predicts Paulo Costa vs. Marvin vettori

«Both have been busted, it has to be known. These people forget, so I need to remind people that yes, they are both juicy guys.

Vettori’s biggest weapon is his chin, that block head, that damn LEGO block head. That’s his biggest weapon in this fight because he can take Costa into deep water by taking punishment, just walking forward and taking the punishment.. But his body, everyone’s body, is suspect. I don’t think anyone’s body can take the kind of punishment their head can take if you hit them in the right place. Same with the head, but Vettori has a block head. I’d say his best method of victory is to just take Costa into deep water by grabbing him, stopping him, and just making him work, but Vettori has to be willing to try to do something, rather than just stagnate..

«[Es un] good attacker. Costa’s path to victory in this fight? A quick knockout. Do what you did to get to the dance, that got you so far, because you ain’t fighting with me, you’re fighting Vettori and he has shitty footwork, even worse than you. I feel like Costa can do what he does: just stalk him, crush him, but watch out for takedowns because Vettori will try, time that, and take him down. I just want to see my children well«.

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