It’s getting wintry – trailer & details for version 2.3

With version 2.3 the winter starts in “Genshin Impact”. You can find out what content is added in this article. A trailer has also been released.

Genshin Impact: It's getting wintry - Trailer & Details for Version 2.3

The Chinese development studio miHoYo announced today for “Genshin Impact” version 2.3, which you can download on November 24th. This ushers in the winter season in the popular fantasy RPG.

New characters, activities, challenges

A total of four new characters will be added to the game. Among them are Albedo and Eula, who have already been represented. Two other characters are called Arataki Itto and Gorou. While Itto represents the new 5-star character, Gorou is a 4-star character. The two are well suited to scouring the area for resources.

In the bitter cold, you can complete special training on the Drachengrat in order to receive various rewards. This also includes the 4-star weapon “one-handed – cinnabar spindle”. In addition to the life indicator and stamina, you also have to take the cold value into account. As soon as this is used up, you will suffer damage. You can also build snowmen to add to the winter atmosphere.

To the east of Teyvat, you can help bring missing pets home. If you master this challenge, you will receive the tool “Web of Omniubiquity”. It is used to capture smaller beings and restore their shapes.

There will also be a new boss fight. A dangerous beast called “the golden gamlord” can be found on Tsurumi. Among other things, it can continuously lower the life points of your entire team. Protective shields, however, do not help.

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“Genshin Impact” was released on September 28, 2020 for PS4, PC and mobile devices. Check out the trailer now.

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