Joe Biden admits he’s considering deploying the National Guard due to supply chain crisis

President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden.

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / Getty Images

Yes absolutely“Was the answer he gave United States President Joe Biden, when he was questioned about the possibility of deploying the National Guard to assist in the resolution of the supply chain crisis in the country.

The answer was given for a CNN chain forum in Baltimore, when Anderson Cooper asked him if he was ready to call the National Guard.

The president said he would consider sending them specifically to assign to trucks in the driver shortage: “Increase the number of truckers, which we are in the process of doing,” he said.

And although later a White House official assured the network that deployment is not actively being considered despite Biden’s comments “Because it is the responsibility of the governors,” the president’s statement underscores the seriousness of the situation.

Business groups ask the administration to have vaThere are plans to address the crisis, which already represents rising costs, shortages and delayed shipments.

For economists, these problems could last until next year.

Although the president has ordered that the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles work 24/7 of the week, it has not been fulfilled, because there are not enough drivers to move the load at all hours.

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