Jorge Masvidal makes a promise for his fight with Leon Edwards at UFC 269


UFC 269 will see Jorge Masvidal and Leon edwards face off in a fight that could lead to the winner of the 170-pound world title. The BMF Champion comes from losing twice in a row to the champion, Kamaru usman, while “Rocky” comes from winning Nate Diaz and without having suffered a defeat since 2015 (9 victories and 1 without result), against the same monarch, when it was not yet. It will be one of the most exciting matches of the event on December 11.

Jorge Masvidal promises to end Leon Edwards

It is not only exciting because of the level of both fighters or because of a starting opportunity for the winner but also because of the rivalry that exists between the two. All this has caused the «Gamebred» to make a promise (via The MMA Hour).

«I know you are receiving the highest salary in your history, and it is because of me. And all the time, since he started calling me, I always said he was going to fight this guy, but the whole time he was saying he was not going to fight me. Then I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to fight you right now. ‘ And guess what? Who is fighting me right now?

So as this interview unfolds and the words spread and people copy and paste this, he does what I say, when I say it. So we are fighting again when I say.

«I will try to do my best to kill this person. Leon will do his best to do what he has always done: put on his running shoes and turn it into a race to save his life. So I don’t care how much grudge he has or what he says, because the guy is a coward.

He’s going to hit and run and get on his bike and run and run. I’ll give him whatever blows I have to give him to stop him. But don’t expect much from him when it comes to the actual fight. He’s going to run away, I tell you«.

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