Judge denies freedom to young mother who murdered her rapist while abusing her

Roxana, a young mother who murdered her rapist while abusing her

Roxana, young mother who murdered her rapist while abusing her

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One of the two processes you face Roxana, a 21-year-old young mother who murdered a man while sexually abusing from her, he was suspended but He will continue in jail because the judge handling his case denied him his freedom.

The conditional suspension of the process was the result of a hearing that was registered in the Nezahulcóyotl District Control Courts, for the crime of violation of the laws of burial, exhumation and against respect for the dead.


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However, the 21-year-old woman and mother of four minors must remain in prison because she will still have to face the process for the crime of murder against Sinai “N”, a 60-year-old man who allegedly tried to abuse her.

Roxana was arrested in May of this year, after having murdered and mutilated her possible aggressor in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl.

According to the research folder, on May 8 Sinai was with Roxana, who strangled him to death and to later try to mutilate it by cutting the body.

Hours later, he left the home with the man’s body in a sack and a black bag to try to get rid of him, but when dragging him through the streets, was secured by municipal police.

After the case, various feminist groups requested that a fair trial be held for Roxana, since she allegedly murdered him in self-defense and after the subject sexually assaulted her.

According to this version, Roxana sold potatoes to support her children and met the man on the street.

After her workday, she offered to accompany her to take care of her and, once she was at home, the man attacked and abused her.

He started to take off my clothes, he beat me and raped me, and I was in shock, “she said in a letter released by feminists seeking their freedom.

I just wanted to defend myself. I had horrible momentsI felt his breath, his hands, and I just wanted this to end. I hit him on the nose, he started to bleed and he told me now if you are going to die ”.

“When he got distracted, I took a shirt and put it around his neck, I suffocated him, I felt fear, terror, I felt that it was worth nothing, that it was all my fault,” Roxana said about what happened.

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