Judge refuses to release Rosario Robles involved in “Master Scam” and AMLO denies political revenge

Rosario Robles will be kept in prison for corruption case of the "Master swindler".

Rosario Robles will remain in prison for the corruption case of the “Master Scam”.

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At his morning lecture the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, ruled out that there is political persecution against the former official Rosario Robles, involved in the “Master Scam“, To whom a judge yesterday denied his provisional or domiciliary release.

“For what corresponds to the Executive there is no revenge, we don’t do thatThat is immoral, it is unworthy, that takes away any authority and for us the most important thing is moral authority. On the part of the Executive, there is no persecution of anyone, no one is denounced for political slogans, ”he said.

From the National Palace, the Mexican president assured that the matter of the former secretary of Social Development during the administration of former president Enrique Peña Nieto corresponds to the Judiciary.

“These matters are dealt with in the first instance by the Prosecutor’s Office, which is an autonomous power and then the Judicial Power … The case of Rosario Robles is a matter of the Judicial Power and if the judge received an order or acts by order, it should be sanctioned, because the judges have to act autonomously ”, he affirmed.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 20, a Mexican federal judge refused to release Rosario Robles, who has been in preventive prison for more than two years for the corruption case known as the “Master swindler”.

The Federal Judicial Council specified that, during the hearing in the South Prison of Mexico City, Judge Ganther Alejandro Villar considered that “a high risk of flight prevails” on the part of the former official federal government and “would facilitate the means to leave the territory.”

Health issues, said the Judiciary, “are not an obstacle for her to remain in prison” and clarified that, apart from this, “whenever she has a health issue, she can go to the Execution Judge to request the measures that she and their defense consider pertinent ”.

“My mother is accused of a non-serious crime, she should never have set foot in (the prison) Santa Marta Acatitla because she does not deserve any kind of precautionary measure,” said Mariana Moguel Robles, daughter of the former official, after the hearing.

The journalistic investigation known as the “Master Scam”, published in 2017, revealed that Rosario Robles, former secretary of Agrarian Development (2015-2018) and Social Development (2012-2018), would have allowed the diversion of public funds for more than 5,000 million pesos (247 million dollars ) through universities and shell companies.

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