Justice Department Opens Investigation of Physical and Sexual Abuse at Texas Juvenile Detention Centers

The investigation into juvenile detention centers in Texas is for physical and sexual abuse of minors.

The investigation into juvenile detention centers in Texas is for physical and sexual abuse of minors.

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The Justice Department ad Wednesday that is opening a civil rights investigation in the juvenile detention centers on Texas after reports emerged in recent years of sexual and physical abuse of children by members of the media staff and advocates.

The Department found a “significant justification” for opening the investigation after 11 Recent Arrests of Staff Members Allegedly Sexually Abusing Children in Juvenile Detention Centers. In other incidents, children were thrown to the ground, kicked and suffocated, said Kristen Clarke, chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Clarke said an incident that triggered the investigation occurred last February, when a boy at a Texas juvenile detention center was pepper sprayed, handcuffed, a chain around his belly, shackles and a spitting mask, and then they beat his body. Other staff members reportedly paid the children with cash or drugs to abuse other children, he said.

“Too often, children in prisons like the ones discussed here are abused, mistreated and deprived of essential services. And because they are children, they are still growing and developing, they are especially vulnerable to damage, ”Clarke said.

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has the authority to open investigations in police departments, municipal governments, detention systems and other local jurisdictions. if you have reason to believe that civil rights are being systematically violated.

Recent high-profile research Involve Police Departments After Black Men Are Killed By Police, such as the investigation currently open in the Minneapolis Police Department, following the death of George Floyd.

The investigation announced Wednesday follows a series of legal actions that the Justice Department has announced involving Texas, including challenging the state’s near-total ban on abortions.

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