Kahramaa has achieved 80% of its smart targets

Kahramaa has achieved 80% of its smart targets

To meet the state’s smart city ambitions, the project by Kahramaa provides customers with quick and simple services that save them time and effort.

“Kahramaa is implementing a long-term project which was launched in 2014 to convert itself into a smart corporation. Now we have achieved 80 per cent of the targets,” said Eng Muhammad Al Badr, Assistant Director of Information Systems for Smart Solutions at Kahramaa.

He recently stated on Al Rayan TV that the majority of Kahramaa’s services for all types of consumers are available on the company’s digital platform. This is a completely automated system that eliminates the need for human interaction to visiting the areas in question.

Al Badr stated that the automated system assures that clients can access services at any time of day or night without the need for human intervention.

For customers with varying levels of technological expertise, the services are quite user-friendly, according to him. For the past several years, Kahramaa has been working on these projects and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made smart services more crucial.

Al Badr added that some service centres were shut down as a precautionary step to prevent the spread of the pandemic, but users were still able to use smart services without interruption.

He said the demand for Kahrama’s digital services surged dramatically during the pandemic because customers found smart services to be more beneficial and preferred to continue to use them as a result.

He went on to describe Kahramaa’s smart platform in greater depth, saying:

“The project is being implemented in phases. One of the phases was to convert the services into smart. The smart services mean no human intervention to control the system, they are only for monitoring. This is what happened in Kahramaa.”

It is totally automated. This means that a request submitted using the digital platform is identical to one submitted at a service centre. This is because requests that are physically filed go through the same procedures as those that are submitted electronically, with no human interaction.

In some cases, digital platforms allow clients to find services more quickly than they could have done so through traditional channels, saving them both time and effort.

He claimed that Kahramaa’s billing and payment system has improved to the point where it can now be accessed from anywhere and in a simple manner. This is due to the fact that it accepts all types of bank cards, including credit cards, debit cards, and other bank-provided online payment methods.

“Utilising the feedback from the experiences of customers, Kahramaa is upgrading its smart services to make the services easier and faster,” he said

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