Katara announces the winners of the ‘Most Beautiful Kashkha’

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) announced the winners of the “The Most Beautiful Kashkha on Eid Al-Adha” competition”. The competition was help by the foundation during the blessed Eid, to find and enhance talents.

Here are the winners of the competition:

Rawda Muhammad Al-Maliki, Moza Ahmed Ali Al-Haram, Sarah Nayef Al-Duraimij Al-Kaabi, Abdullah Khaled Abdullah Bawazeer, Moza Muhammad Ali Abdulaziz, Ahmed Khan Dilwai, Al-Hassan bin Jassim Al-Qurtobi and Khalifa Ahmed Al-Najjar.

The competition was directed to both girls and boys with an age limit of 13. Each participant can only produce a single image. The Cultural Village Foundation laid some conditions for the competition. The images must be of high quality, the winning materials are owned by the Cultural Village Foundation and have the right to use them for any purpose. Katara welcomed the blessed Eid with a series of events and competitions, which is held on its digital platforms.

“The Most Beautiful Kashkha on Eid Al-Adha” and “Congratulations on Eid and Your Blessings” were the popular competitions held by Katara. Katara, and the Cultural Village Foundation received the participants in both Arabic and English.

It is worth noting that (Katara) sought during Eid to present several activities and events that are commensurate with all the precautionary policies followed by the state to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

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