Kim Jong-Un vows to build an “invincible” army for North Korea and criticizes the US.

A man watches Kim Jong-Un on television.

A man watches Kim Jong-Un on television.

Photo: JUNG YEON-JE / AFP / Getty Images

In an address at the beginning of the week during a weapons exhibition, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un defended his country’s right to defend itself of “hostile forces”, and assured that Washington has not yet shown that it has changed his policy towards Pyongyang.

The US has repeatedly been signaling that it is not hostile towards our country ”, but that at the moment there have not been“ behaviors that show that it is not ”.

“We must be strong for the good of our descendants. First of all, we have to be strongHe added.

His words come less than two weeks after North Korea to test new anti-aircraft missile, which was his fourth test of this type in September.

During the “Defense Development Exhibition ‘Self-Defense 2021‘”, Held to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the North Korean single party, Kim assured that“ the military threats ”facing his country are“ different from those of ten, five or three years ago ”and pointed to the US as the “origin” of the conflict on the peninsula, which cannot be “easily fixed”.

On the other hand, Kim assured again that “obviously” the arms development of his regime does not have South Korea, a country with which the North has been technically at war for more than 70 years, as a target.

However, he accused the country of hypocrisy for claiming that the development of weapons is a provocation while Seoul invests in increasing its own military capabilities.

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