La Palma volcano in Spain has been erupting for 5 weeks with a series of earthquakes

Cumbre Vieja volcano in Spain has been erupting for more than a month.

Cumbre Vieja volcano in Spain has been erupting for more than a month.

Photo: Marcos del Mazo / Getty Images

The Spanish Atlantic island of La Palma, where the volcano Cumbre Vieja is still active, it has registered 79 earthquakes in the early hours of this Sunday, detected by the National Geographic Institute.

La Palma, in the Canary Islands archipelago, has been subjected to chains of tremors, known as “seismic swarm”, since days before the volcanic eruption began, on September 19.

The largest magnitude last night, 4.1, was located 13 kilometers deep and felt practically throughout the island.

The largest earthquake so far (4.9) occurred this Saturday at a depth of 38 kilometers.

The main cone of the volcano partially collapsed yesterday, as large lava spills continue.

The laundry that worries the most at the moment is the one that has been stopped in the La Laguna neighborhood, with risk to buildings and crops.

Until now, the volcano has devastated nearly 900 hectares and has destroyed some 2,150 buildings, many of them homes, according to data from the Copernicus satellite system. In addition, some 7,000 people had to be evicted since the beginning of the emergency.

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