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Hall of Famer Derek Jeter lashed out at the New York Yankees by assuring that they have lagged behind in business and it is the Mets who are investing in players to win a World Series.

The statements of the CEO of the Miami Marlins were released in the middle of a share with his children in which they opened the gifts on Christmas night. “Unlike other years, the Yankees have been left behind in the business and the new masters of New York City are those of Queens. The Mets are going for everything for 2022 and now they are the favorites,” he said.

A Christmas family photo of Carlos Correa posted on his Instagram account sparked rumors about a possible deal with the Los Angeles Angels.

In the aforementioned graph you can see how a relative who is on the right side of the stellar shortstop has an Angels jacket. For many it meant a red garment that is combined with the current era, but for others it is a clear nod to the interest that the Puerto Rican would have in joining the American League West Division club. Later the photo was deleted from the social network.

After the MLB work stoppage ends, the Chicago Cubs hope to speak with free agent Kris Bryant, according to a report by Chicago Sun Time journalist Russel Dorsey.

“The Cubs office is undecided about definitely going to a rebuild. They believe that by signing level players they can seduce at least one star and go out and compete for the 2023 season,” Dorsey detailed in his report.

The Major League Baseball players union proposed to the commissioner’s office to raise the luxury tax threshold starting in the 2022 season, an update on the negotiations between the two parties released on the league’s official website.

The proposal considers raising to 245 million dollars, which is contrary to the offer that the owners of the equipment made a few days ago for $ 215 million and also apply much more severe sanctions in case an organization spends more money.

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