Lety Calderón reveals her state of health and the reasons why she was hospitalized

Last October 5 Leticia Calderón caused concern among her followers of social networks After announcing with a photo that she was in the hospital, and although at that time she did not clarify the reasons that led her to step on the hospital again, days later she clarified that it was only a surgery to remove some kidney stones.

It was during an interview for the program ‘Ventaneando’, where Lety revealed some details of the medical procedure he underwent a few days ago.

“I did some studies and they detected that I have lithosSome small stones in the gallbladder that sooner or later had to operate because they transmuted and it was going to cause pain and complications, so at once I took advantage and had surgery. Already vaccinated and already everything ”.

The actress explained that said intervention led her to remain under observation for a day, because she received general anesthesia that required some aftercare, although it does reveal that she was very well accompanied by a friend and her mother.

“They removed my gallbladder. Obviously it is a major surgery because it was general anesthesia, I stayed in the hospital one night and so much, obviously you have to have postoperative care, of the gallbladder, because although it is no longer so cumbersome that they open you need care “.

After COVID-19 will cause some complications for which she went to the hospital and unfortunately went through the loss of her father, the actress said that “does not leave one to enter another“, But fortunately he is well, although he still had some discomforts.

“A bit sore to be honest, dizzy from being in bed for so long, they already told me I can walk. I have a little cough and it hurts, but the doctors tell me that I have to cough because as they breathe in, they say that your lungs move and they have to return to their place ”.

The actress explained that she tries to undergo frequent medical check-ups to take care of her health and be well, especially healthy for her children. And although it was not urgent for him to enter the operating room, he decided to do so to avoid future problems, because during the studies he was also diagnosed with cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Lety Calderón shared that her two children were aware of them, especially her son Luciano, who is very sensitive and attached to herHowever, thanks to the fact that he is her family doctor, she understands perfectly what is happening to her and what her state of health is.

After passing through the hospital, the actress said she was ready to return to her normal life.

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