Lilith as a playable character? Artwork fuels speculation about a successor

In the past it was pointed out again and again that it should bring the main series of “Darksiders” to at least four adventures. A current artwork, which apparently shows Lilith, provides fresh speculation about a possible “Darksiders 4”.

Darksiders 4: Lilith as a playable character?  Artwork fuels speculation about a successor

Even if the fans have repeatedly advocated a possible “Darksiders 4” in recent years, it is still in the stars whether and in what form the action-adventure series will continue.

The last hint comes from 2018, when Gunfire Games’ senior designer Richard Vorodi pointed out that a total of four titles were planned for the main series of “Darksiders” from the beginning. At the end of 2019, a job advertisement from the Austin-based studio also indicated that work on a big triple A project started, which is based on the Unreal Engine 4. Could we be dealing with Darksiders 4?

Do the players slip into the role of Lilith?

An artwork created by art director Anton Lavrushkin provides fresh speculation “ArtStation” made available in different versions. On the one hand, it is interesting to note that, according to Lavrushkin, the aforementioned artwork was commissioned by THQ Nordic for the “Darksiders” series. This could indicate that an announcement of a new “Darksiders” title can be expected in the coming months.

On the subject: Darksiders 4: Continuation of the series is very likely

It is also assumed that the artwork shows Lilith, who could function as playable characters in a possible “Darksiders 4”. In the previous parts of the series, Lilith, the creator of the Nephilim, always followed her own agenda, but was always helpful to the four riders.

THQ Nordic and the developers of Gunfire Games have so far not wanted to comment on the speculations that the freshly published artwork led to.

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