Local Dates Festival Postponed

The ‘6th Local Dates Festival‘ has been postponed until next Thursday 15 July, reported Al-Raya, local Arabic daily.

Earlier the Festival was scheduled to start on Saturday 11 July 2021.

The venue of the Local Dates Festival is the northern arena of Souq Waqif and it will be open everyday for two weeks from 4 pm to 10 pm.

According to Al-Raya, over 80 farms will showcase their variety of dates at this annual festival.

The laboratories of Ministry of Public Health has tested different samples of dates which are displaying at the festival. This is to ensure that these dates are free of chemical insecticides.

The aim of the festival is to improve the marketing of locally produced dates and to encourage farmers to improve the quality of their production.

It further aims at reducing wastage in the production process of locally produced dates.

The festival will provide unique varieties of fresh local dates at reasonable prices.

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