MacBook Pro 2022: How Apple could improve the professional notebook

The MacBook Pro has only been on the market for a few days, but does it leave customers happy and without any wishes? For the most part, yes, but there are still things that Apple could improve and maybe will already be in 2022.

With the new MacBook Pro 2021, Apple shied away from lazy compromises and met almost all expectations – a new mini-LED screen with a higher resolution, a fresh design, faster chips, the return of popular connections … only when it comes to the price, one or the other may frown. Can we still improve a lot with the next update in 2022? You can, at least that is what the colleagues at MacRumors think. They collect a number of possible improvements based on reports within the rumor mill. Ergo: The following points cannot be completely dismissed (source: MacRumors).

MacBook Pro 2022: Possible improvements in check

Face ID: Whoever builds a notch (display notch) should also integrate Face ID (face recognition), right? With the current MacBook Pro, however, Apple still does without it. This could change soon, the space is there, the manufacturer is verifiably researching it. Even if Apple has denied it so far, sooner or later there will also be Face ID in the Mac.

Faster chips: Even if the M1 Pro and M1 Max overshadow the previous M1, the basis is still the 1st generation of Apple chips for the Mac. But they should be replaced next year by the Pro and Max versions of the M2. Apple will still manufacture it in 5 nanometers, but it will be faster and more efficient. On the other hand, we cannot expect the bigger step towards 3 nanometers and more computing cores until 2023.

Already fulfills almost all wishes – the current one MacBook Pro in the video:

OLED screens: What is certain is that Apple is researching together with Samsung and LG on the next generation of OLED screens, which at some point could also replace the mini-LED screens that were just introduced. But nothing is ready to be said yet. In the next year nothing will change no earlier than 2023 or later Apple could be ready.

5G modem: Rumor has it that Apple is experimenting with chip sets for the MacBook, although the reports initially focus on the MacBook Air. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that sooner or later Apple will also equip the Pro with it. A Customers have wanted wireless cellular connections directly in their MacBook for years. So far, Apple has ignored the request and referred to the iPhone as a connection aid. But obviously you don’t want to be satisfied with that anymore, especially if you are going to produce the necessary 5G chipsets yourself in the near future.

Such a design for a MacBook is exciting, but not to be expected anytime soon:

This is where Apple draws the line

But what you definitely shouldn’t expect is a touchscreen. Even if this feature is almost standard in the PC competition, Apple continues to insist on the strict separation. If you want a touchscreen, you have to use the iPad Pro, for the MacBook Pro and associated with macOS there will probably never be such a screen. Apple is tough and won’t give in.

Apple could not introduce the new MacBook Pro until summer 2022 at the earliest, but we would rather again for autumn expect an update. So if you are toying with a current MacBook Pro 2021, in our opinion you don’t have to postpone the purchase and can boldly access it.

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