Man with fully tattooed face tried to rape a woman sleeping next to her boyfriend, police say

Missouri police arrested and later charged Campbell with attempted rape in the first degree.

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May 30, Michael Campbell, a 46-year-old registered sex offender, allegedly pulled down a woman’s pants and underwear while her boyfriend slept next to her.

Campbell then proceeded to rub his body against hers, according to documents filed in Greene County, Missouri.

The boyfriend woke up and chased Campbell out of the residence.

A man with a fully tattooed face and body attempted to rape a woman in bed while her boyfriend was sleeping next to her, police say.
Campbell’s face and body are almost completely covered in black tattoos. / Courtesy Greene, Missouri Sheriff’s Office.

Campbell reportedly fled the facility by bicycle. When asked by the police about the accusation, he denied any wrongdoing.

He said the woman had made sexual advances to him in a bathroom, but he “said no” because “he had a curfew and needed to leave,” The Smoking Gun news site reported.

The Police arrested and subsequently charged Campbell with attempted rape in the first degree. He is being held on a $ 100,000 bond in a Missouri county jail..

Campbell’s face and body are almost completely covered in black tattoos.

Facial tattoos include a pentagram on the forehead, Celtic knots on the cheeks and temples, as well as a pit bull and a large polka dot necktie at the throat.

Campbell could face a life sentence if convicted of the attempted rape charge due to a criminal record dating back nearly 26 years, when he was convicted in 1995 of attempted sexual assault in Colorado.

Prosecutors said several of Campbell’s tattoos show evidence of his possible white supremacist beliefs.

Campbell was convicted last year in Greene County of assault, property damage and violation of a protection order. He served six months in jail on the charges.

The woman, police said, described her attacker as “an unknown white man with tattoos on his face.”

In July 2018, Campbell was charged with assault in the third degree. He repeatedly punched another man in the face for failing to flush a bathroom after using it, prosecutors told the Springfield News-Leader.

At the time, prosecutors called the alleged assault “a disproportionate response to the behavior, suggesting that there is another motivation for the assault, or that it is unstable enough that anyone could become its victim as a result of any small something perceived as a slight against him.

He pleaded not guilty in that case.

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