Manage Windows 11 more easily: These are Microsoft’s plans

Even Microsoft is not satisfied with the way programs are managed in Windows 11. Now the first plans for an update have become known. The focus here is on the “Apps & Features” of the new operating system. It should become easier for users.

Windows 11: “Apps & Features” will be redesigned

As soon as Windows 11 is available, the first users are wondering whether Microsoft could add a little more after all. As it now turns out, the hopes are not unfounded. In a new preview at Windows Insider, you can find an inconspicuous but important change. the “Apps & Features” view should appear tidier and give Windows 11 users a choice more often (source: Windows Insider).

There are several Views and new filter options provided. In addition to the existing one, there is a view with larger tiles and a more compact representation of the programs. The latter variant in particular should be well received by many users. With many programs installed, it is easy to lose track of things.

In addition to the classic sorting by alphabet, the preview of the next Windows 11 update shows additional filter and sorting options. This is how programs can now also be according to the date of installation or sort the program size in descending and ascending order. The search and filter for drives will remain.

What has changed with Windows 11? The answer is in the Video:

Windows 11: does the update come before the update?

The larger 22H2 update for Windows 11 is expected in autumn 2022. A few new functions and the revised “Apps & Features” may come as a separate “Experience Pack” but earlier on notebooks and desktop PCs.

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