Maryia Agapova challenged Maryna Moroz: “I am going to make him swallow everything he said about me”


After the victory, the victory over Colombian Sabina Mazo in UFC Dern vs. Rodriguez, Kazakhstan’s flyweight fighter Maryia Agapova challenged her colleague, Ukrainian Maryna Moroz, saying she would make her swallow what he said about her.

A few days ago Moroz had said in a note that Agapova had serious drug problems, had threatened ATT team fighters with a knife, got involved with a married fighter and threatened to stab the athlete’s wife. He had also announced that the Kazakh had been expelled from the training team. All the sayings were denied by Maryia.

She is jealous of me and she is cunning. He tried to destroy my career. I lost sponsors for her, she was in a very difficult situation and I want to punish her for that. I’m going to kick his ass! “Said Agapova angrily and added: “We trained together, we were teammates, and after I left the team, she started lying about me, talking shit about me. I lost money, fans. It was not the right attitude.

“I did not leave ATT because I was a drug addict or threatened someone with a knife. I left because I argued with a fighter and decided to leave »explained the Kazakh.

“I had to leave my apartment because of the things he said. If it weren’t for my friend Brandon and his mom who let me live in their house for free, I would be living on the street before my fight. Maryna Moroz is a liar and dishonest. She defaulted on my manager, Alex Davis, who is a great person. She cheated on him for money and also ruined his life. I want to spank her, blow her face off. What he did was try to kill me »added.

And closed: «I had health problems and she tried to use my weakness to destroy me. I really challenged her. If she wants to talk shit, she is ready to take the consequences ».

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