Mass Effect 5: New picture puts fans in an uproar

After the new Mass Effect was announced last year, the sequel was quiet for a while. BioWare and EA have now published a new picture on which you can discover a lot.

One of the theories around Mass Effect 5 says that the new part Mass Effect: Andromeda and the original trilogy will merge: 600 years after the end of Mass Effect 3, Liara and some well-known characters from the trilogy could still be alive and – however – meet the Andromeda crew . After all, we already have Liara herself in the Announcement teaser at the end of 2020 seen.

Haven’t looked yet? Here’s the first teaser for Mass Effect 5:

What do you see in the new picture of Mass Effect 5?

BioWare and EA have now published a new artwork for the next Mass Effect part on Twitter. Take a look – and zooms into find some details!

On Reddit and Twitter, fans are already in the process of zooming in deeply into ArtWork to fish out some information about Mass Effect 5. It was pointed out several times in a Reddit thread, for example, that the great crater itself is reminiscent of a geth’s eye. In addition, there is a corpse at the southern end of the crater, which, viewed from above, could also be a geth (source: Reddit).

Of course, that can also be seen prominently Spaceship labeled “SFX” and four people who appear to have left it to see the crater. The name of the ship is particularly striking: “SFX” was the name of the original project under development, which was later renamed Mass Effect (source: Reddit). A little easter egg?

But who are the four people who leave the spaceship? The widest person is almost certainly a krogan. The front two figures could be humans or human-like beings, and the furthest person next to the krogan is vaguely reminiscent of a turian – by the broad shape of its shoulders.

By the way: As you surely know, Both krogan and asari can sometimes live for more than 1000 years, which is why it wouldn’t be impossible that Liara is still very much alive in the days of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Grunt from the trilogy could also return, while turians and quarians usually live to be around 200 years old – so a return of these characters from the trilogy is very unlikely.

Why does the huge crater itself look like the gigantic head of a geth? And who are the people next to the ship? It could actually be Grunt and Liara Act? Many questions about Mass Effect 5 are still unanswered, but who knows – maybe you will discover a few secrets in the artwork?

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