Max Scherzer clarifies that his arm injury did not influence to rule out the Dodgers

Max Scherzer said the Dodgers were not wrong about the way he was used in the 2021 MLB playoffs, and that this did not influence his decision to sign in free agency with the Mets.

The right-hander suffered from “dead arm” syndrome when he played the postseason with the Angels, something he attributed to poor preparation before his first outing. He assures that this was not the product of a bad decision by the team.

“I don’t blame the Dodgers,” Scherzer told the Los Angeles Times. “Maybe I just didn’t find out enough what he was talking about.”

Scherzer failed to start in Game 6 of the NL Championship Series against the Atlanta Braves, when the Dodgers trailed 3-2 in the game. The fatigue in his arm did not allow it.

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