Meet all the characters in Who’s The Mask 3? from Televisa and Univision

The third season of Who is the mask? It is ready and returns completely refreshed with new drivers, a new investigator and a surprise character. In addition, there will be intricate puzzles that will increase the complexity of the challenge for the investigators, to be able to discover the famous ones that are hidden behind each character.

In this edition of Who is the mask? 18 celebrities will participate, nationals and foreigners, who accepted the challenge of singing and dancing hidden behind striking and spectacular characters.

The panel of researchers will again be made up of Yuri, Carlos Rivera placeholder image and Juanpa Zurita, but now, to this successful triad, the talent and charisma of Monica Huarte.

Adrian UribeAfter his participation as a researcher, he returns to this project, but now as the host of Who is the mask? With his characteristic sympathy and wit, Sunday to Sunday, he will guide the course of this unique show full of indecipherable clues.

In Mexico, the program is about to premiere and Univision will do so soon on a date and time to be defined for the United States.


Android: Your operating system is programmed to entertain. She is quite a warrior, heroine and is always in show mode; it also lacks one or another screw.

Apache: He is the leader of a tribe that is looking for new challenges; comes to conquer stardom.

Broccoli: This broccoli is missing a filter or two. He is irreverent, funny, daring and ignores the conventional limits of society. It is authentic and explosive.

Owl: He is hyperactive, he likes to have his entire party in order. He likes to be active and has a discipline that has taken him years to achieve.

Hood: She lives fragmented between how vulnerable she is and how strong she is. She sneaks through the corridors of the school, sometimes shy, other times insane. He’s leading, unpredictable and always stunning.

snail: She is patient and competitive. It is a cheerful, tender and jovial snail, capable of going very far thanks to the power of its mind.

Carnivorous: She is reckless, danger is her middle name. He likes strong emotions, like rock and eat everything and everyone.

Gypsy: This gypsy woman even sells dreams in order to get ahead. She is fierce, clever and half a witch, she reads the future in the palm of her hands, she knows how to entangle and wrap to invite people to dance.

Ant: She is the great queen of the anthill. She is an educated, refined and poetic queen, one of a kind.

Roe: He is outgoing and has a tender soul. Emotional lows come to him, but thanks to dancing he brings out all those feelings on stage.

Jocho: It is the taste of the night; It is cheerful, tasty and has the Latin party in his blood, and the rhythm in his hips. After several tours, he leaves a convenience store, where he felt trapped and gray, until he manages to find his place in the world, filling it with flavor.

Lioness: She is eager, cheeky and with a peculiar bohemian style. She travels to many places in her van looking for new adventures that help her exploit her passions. Her dedication to what she loves makes her a bit messy.

Snow Monster: He’s exotic and he’s always up to mischief. Fun is his lifestyle, but sometimes he is not allowed to do everything he wants and that makes him a bit grumpy.

Lazy: He is self-conscious and maintains a very close connection with nature. Enjoy every second of life without haste. When it’s time to fight and show who he is, his energy dazzles everyone.

Street dog: He is a street dog that knows them all and his sweet little face is deceptive, because in reality he is a quite fanged canine.

Toad: He is a very distinguished toad and his mind is a magical labyrinth. Everyone wants to know him, because if they kiss him, they will be able to find a real treasure.

Siren: It is the song of the sea personified on stage; She is a mystical creature, but be careful, because her sweet voice has the power to make you fall in love.

Opossum: He is a wise and charismatic old man. His life has always been surrounded by magic and he dominates it to the degree of doing great shows with it.


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