Mexico grants asylum to Afghan couple who had deported and who spent days sleeping in the airport

The Mexican Government received the Afghan couple this Sunday, made up of a woman with seven months of pregnancy and a man, who had deported on Thursday amid criticism from international civil associations.

“Today the Afghan couple arrived in Mexico with a request for refuge, who in recent days had been inadmissible,” reported on its official channels the National Institute of Migration (INM), which depends on the Ministry of the Interior (Segob).

The INM had expelled the family on October 14 with the argument that “they incurred in inconsistencies.” upon arriving at the immigration filter on October 13 because “they did not prove the reasons for their trip.”

The couple’s inadmissibility aroused the condemnation of international organizations, such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Institute for Women in Migration (Imumi), which accompanied the couple’s case, who spent these days at the Istanbul airport, in Turkey.

“After days of uncertainty and pressure, today the Afghan family with international protection needs arrived in Mexico that the INM deported to Turkey last Thursday,” Imumi said this Sunday.

Faced with the claims, the agency responded that “there was no prior request for asylum before the Mexican authority abroad.”

He argued that, after their deportation, the couple initiated “an official procedure before the Mexican authority abroad to obtain asylum status, as they should have done from the beginning.”

After being expelled from Mexico last Thursday, the couple was deported to Istanbul Airport, Turkey, where they had to sleep for almost five days. until finally this Sunday they managed to enter Mexico.

“(I told them) everyone knows that Afghanistan is in the control of the Taliban, as a human being, you know my situation, please let me in to protect myself,” said the young professor upon arriving at the Mexico City International Airport.

“I told them that I was a teacher, that the Taliban were looking for me and my wife, who works in the media,” said the man about his experience last Thursday.

“But the authorities told us’ their visas were not humanitarian visas, so they have to return to their country,” he added.

“I said, ok, if my visa is a tourist, let me be in Mexico as a tourist, I can process my humanitarian visa here in Mexico, but they said ‘no’,” he said in an interview.

After the fall of Kabul on 15 August to the Taliban, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador approved giving asylum to people from Afghanistan.

With information from Efe and Agencia Reforma.

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