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Michoacán is on fire: in less than 10 hours there were six dead and four injured

Michoacán experienced one of its bloodiest days in October.

Michoacán experienced one of its bloodiest days in October.

Photo: Image taken from the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán. / Courtesy

For some years Michoacan it has not stopped being news for having become one of the states where more violence takes place every day, despite the presence of the federal police.

Recently the state of the monarch butterflies experienced one of its worst days, since in less than 10 hours six people were shot dead and four injured in different parts of the state.

According to the local police, a young man was shot and killed inside his blacksmith shop located in Colonia Satélite, in Morelia, an entity where another event also occurred, this occurred inside an establishment on Larisa Street.

According to information collected by the newspaper El Universal, The residents of both colonies have denounced that on more than one occasion they have given notice of the increase in violence, however, the security body ignores the complaints and does not go to the calls for help from society.

Uruapan is also stained with blood

The entity of Uruapan, Michoacán, was also suffused with blood by the violence after some armed individuals broke into a home and left one person dead and three injured, among them, according to the police, is a woman.

Witnesses from the Doctores neighborhood pointed out that An armed group entered the house located on Luis Pasteur street and shot at those who were at home, thus surprising the inhabitants.

At the scene of the events, a man died instantly, whose identity until now is unknown, and three more inhabitants of the same family were injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

Hours later, in Uruapan, a man died after opening fire on him. This happened on Lago de Pátzcuaro Street and so far the identity of the man is also unknown.

Zamora was not “saved” from the violence

Several armed individuals fired at a 23-year-old woman in the municipality of Zamora while she was sitting outside her home located on Mar Mediterráneo street, with her baby in her arms.

The infant, who was unharmed, remained in the care of relatives while the young woman was transferred to a hospital to be treated by the medical staff.

It was in the same municipality that a man was murdered on the Girasol walker. According to the police, the body had a bullet impact, was handcuffed and showed signs of torture.

Puruándiro did not escape the violence when the body of a man who died from the impact of a bullet was found, his body showed signs of violence and he was bound.

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