Microsoft takes action: Practical Windows 11 app is thrown out

Windows 11 has been available for a while and is very popular. If you use Windows 10, you can update to the new Windows version for free. However, Microsoft had to postpone a function and is now throwing out an app that even extends the range of functions. It’s about Android apps.

Microsoft is removing Windows 11 app for Android APKs

When Windows 11 was introduced, Android apps should be an integral part of the operating system. That’s what you are for entered into a partnership with Amazon. For the release, however, the function was postponed and is only available for certain developers. With the Windows 11 app “WSATools” from the official Microsoft Store you could install and use any Android APK. This has now been removed:

The developer of the tool spoke up on Twitter and asked for help. Microsoft has its app removed from the store without a reason and the company does not respond to inquiries either. So he doesn’t even know exactly what he would have to change in “WSATools” so that the app could end up in the store for Windows 11 again.

Presumably Microsoft shouldn’t like at all that one has the Bypass the Amazon App Store and install any APK on Windows 11 just like that can. We were amazed anyway that the app was even included, although it should be clear that Microsoft doesn’t want this freedom at all. It’s not for nothing that the Amazon App Store is restricted. Otherwise Microsoft would surely have allowed the APK installation as well.

in the Video Microsoft shows how Android apps should actually be offered under Windows 11:

APK installation on Windows 11 will be possible

This is of course a very special case, because the developer offers his Windows 11 app through the Microsoft Store. If you simply install the app on your Windows 11 PC, you can simply continue to import and run the APKs. Microsoft should nevertheless take a clear position and not just remove apps that have been previously approved.

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