Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Qatar reports 20 violations against street vendors and retail outlets

Doha: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Qatar conducted inspections in Mukaynis, Al-Hilal, Al-Ghanim Al-Ateeq, Fareej Al-Hitmi, and Al-Riffa, among other locations.

Following the inspections, 19 offences were reported against retail shops for breaking the law. These included not having an introductory sign on the storefront, not writing the company registration number on the shop sign, not matching the trade name with the name on the shop sign, starting a business without the required approvals, and not having a commercial licence.

Furthermore, a street vendor was charged with violating the law by operating without a commercial licence. The offender was reported to the appropriate authorities, who took the necessary legal action.

In a press statement, the Ministry stated, “These inspections stem from the Ministry’s keenness to protect consumer rights and to monitor the extent of compliance with the laws and regulations governing the commercial sector.”

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Qatar emphasised that it would not tolerate any failure to comply with the obligations set forth in Law No. (5) of 2015 on Commercial, Industrial, and Similar Public Shops, and Street Vendors, as well as noncompliance with Ministerial Resolution No. (243) of 2016 on the licensing requirements and regulations for street vendor activities.

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