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Ministry of Education directs a private school to remove educational resources

Upon receiving a complaint from a parent about an offensive educational resource, the Ministry of Education and higher education asked the school to delete the resource immediately. The case has been referred to the concerned department, which will take appropriate measures.

Ministry of Education tweeted that it got a complaint on September 14 from a parent regarding an educational resource for Grade 10 students in a private school, which contained content that contradicted the Islamic religion as well as society’s values. The Ministry’s competent authority made a visit to the school to verify the situation.

When it came to reviewing new educational materials, it was determined that this school had violated a circular from the Ministry of Education, which required all educational institutions to review all new educational materials and ensure that they did not contain anything that was incompatible with Islam or with the values of the society before distributing them to their students.

To ensure that the educational resource is removed immediately, the school has been instructed to take all necessary actions. It went on to say that the problem had been forwarded to the appropriate department for legal action.

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