Ministry of Education in Qatar to ensure smooth entry of private school staff from abroad

Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education has intensified the efforts to ensure smooth entry of staff of private schools from abroad.

Director of Private Schools Affairs Department, Rashid Ahmed Al Ameri said “As far as human resources of private schools and kindergartens are concerned, the coordination with Private Schools Licensing Department and other departments have been made to ascertain the total number of newly-recruited staff and provide their details to the competent authorities to ensure their smooth entry into the country,”

This was stated in a statement released by the Ministry to coincide with the start of the new academic year for 2021-22. Private schools have welcomed the Ministry’s initiative, calling it a great help in filling vacancies. “When it comes to learning resources and curriculum, the total number of students has been identified in all private schools and kindergartens to provide them with textbooks of three compulsory subjects — Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History — right from the beginning of the new academic year,” Al Ameri added.

To ensure that private schools and kindergartens were well-prepared for the new academic year, Al Ameri said that the Ministry’s consultants visited all private schools and kindergartens. According to him, some private schools had already begun receiving students, while others will begin receiving students tomorrow, on the first day of the new academic year.

Before kids return to their classes, he said, inspection paperwork has been completed matching the criteria of private schools and kindergartens. Al Ameri said the consultants have been charged with conducting training sessions to ensure that school workers are prepared for such inspection visits.

To create a safe learning environment for students, the director of the Private Schools Affairs Department said private schools and kindergartens should strictly adhere to Circular No. (12) for 2021 and safety guidelines adopted by the Health and Safety Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.



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