MME to promote public-private partnership in Qatar

MME’s investment site ‘Foras’ promotes public-private partnerships as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030’s aims. ‘Foras’ (which translates to possibilities) is an investment site that MME says would “activate the role of partnership between the public and private sectors.”

The site was created to guarantee that investors receive high-quality service. To request an investment project, the investor can fill out a form on the site and send it together with relevant papers to an email given on the form.

Environmental, sustainability, and waste treatment and recycling initiatives are now given top attention in order to help the government achieve its sustainable development goals. All external parties have been provided with a partnership application form for an investment project with the MME. For those interested in partnering with the private sector on an investment initiative, a partnership application form has been made available.

As a result of the investment prospects in the food security sector, the country will be able to produce more of its own plant, animal, and fish products. Specifically, it will help Qatar achieve its sustainable development goals in order to safeguard the environment for future generations. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. In the industrial sector, the investment possibilities are aimed at supporting sustainable growth for a variety of medium and light-industrial purposes.

To achieve economic diversification and growth goals, the programme also focuses on the tourist industry. As for the public services sector, the investment possibilities are aimed at delivering public services through maintaining hygiene, waste management, greening, and expanding public places in a sustainable manner, among other things. To raise public awareness of the sport in the country, it’ll develop a conducive sports environment in that sector. The municipality’s services for preservation and beautification will be enhanced by investment opportunities.

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