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MoPH instructed all travellers to check its website for updated travel policy


Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) instructed all travelers to keep checking its official website for latest updates. 

All information regarding the new travel policy launched by the Qatar government will be available in the website.

Qatar’s new travel policy came into force on July 12 even though its announcement came on July 8.

Since its announcement and launching, the policy is continuously updating according to the current conditions prevailed in the country.

As a result, MoPH urges people to find out latest information regarding updated travel policy in its website.

“We advise everyone to keep abreast of the latest updates on Qatar’s policy for travel and return from abroad. For all updates on the travel policy, please click on the link below: https://covid19.moph.gov.qa/EN/travel-and-return-policy/Pages/default.aspx,” MoPH tweeted.

The tweet was posted in Arabic, Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhala and Hindi languages. 

There came many changes in travel policy since it’s launching.  Pre-registration requirement, which was Mandatory at first, has become optional now.

Sinovac, which was there in the initial list, was later removed from the conditional vaccine list. The quarantine requirement for children was also changed. 










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