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MOPH organise workshops on heat stress prevention

The Ministry of Public Health has organised a number of  virtual workshops on heat stress prevention. About 400 occupational health and safety specialists and supervisors, doctors, nurses and health intellectuals participated in the workshop.

The workshops aim at raising awareness among companies’ occupational health and safety specialists about the importance of adhering safety measures to protect workers from heat stress injuries in the workplaces.

Dr Mohammed Ali Al Hajjaj, who is the Head of Occupational Health at the Ministry of Public Health, said that the ministry gives prominence to the health and safety of workers and it attaches their grievances in the priorities of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022 and Qatar Public Health Strategy 2017-2022 to ensure workplaces free of diseases, injuries and deaths caused by work. 

Al Hajjaj reminded the employers about their role of providing their employees with the necessary awareness and training on heat stress, prevention and the necessary first aid.

“Employers must also take action to protect workers from heat stress, such as setting aside rest breaks, providing water and shaded places,” he added.










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