Netflix: Apple puts obstacles in the way of games offensive

After a long wait, Netflix has started its games offensive – but initially only on Android devices. The reason for this could be Apple’s app store policy, which makes it difficult to play in-app games.

Update from November 8th:

At the moment, the Netflix games are only available on Android devices. The feature should also be made available on iOS devices, but Apple’s app policy complicates the endeavor: Because apps are not allowed to act as a platform for other apps (in this case games), Netflix cannot offer its games in a user-friendly way. Instead, the games must be made available individually in the app store and can therefore neither be played nor downloaded in the Netflix app.

Even if Netflix were to rely on cloud gaming in the future, Apple needs every single game as a web app for the service. How Netflix will deal with this obstacle remains to be seen. So far, Netflix Games has no release date for iOS devices. (Source: TheVerge)

Original message:

After Netflix has explored its gaming offer in several test phases, the streaming giant is now ready for the big step. Starting today, November 3rd, Android users can access five games in the Netflix app. Access to the mobile games is free for all subscribers.

Netflix Games: Available today in the Android app

The first mobile games of the streaming giant will be activated today in the Netflix app for Android devices. The following five different games are available at release: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Seesaws, and Shooting Hoops. The offer is to be expanded over time.

The Netflix games are free and do not contain advertising or in-app purchases. Nevertheless, the games are initially not available on kids profiles and are secured with a PIN to protect minors. Adult users can control the games via their own tab in the Android app. As with the films and series, languages ​​can be adapted as required. (Source: Netflix)

Streaming service starts gaming project

With the selection of games for Android devices, the starting signal for Netflix’s games offensive has been given. Even if the selection may be limited at the beginning, this step underpins the company’s ambitions. In the official blog entry, Netflix promises to serve other genres in the future in order to diversify the offer as broadly as possible. It is not yet known when the mobile games will also be available on iOS devices.

In our video we compare the largest streaming providers for you:

Netflix is ​​releasing its gaming offer to all subscribers today, November 3rd. For the official launch, a total of five games are available in the app for Android users. iOS users have to be patient a little longer.

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