New Netflix series ranks # 1 in over 30 countries

After Squid Game, a new Netflix series is on the rise with streaming providers. And maybe you should give this show a chance even if you don’t know the background material.

The new Netflix series Arcane conquered the leaderboards of the streaming service, and in the opinion of our editor Daniel, you should see them even if you are not a League of Legends fan. What does the Moba LoL have to do with it? Pretty much anything, as Arcane tells the backstories of some of the video game’s most iconic heroes.

Stream Arcane on Netflix now.

Granted, video game adaptations are rarely good, and even more rarely are they recommended for those who aren’t even familiar with the game. Arcane is an exception – the animated fantasy series has on IMDB a rating of 9.4 / 10which is impressive. In addition, this rating is not only due to the LoL fans: Many write in their comments that they have no idea about the game and are still impressed by the series.

Arcane shines with one special impressive cartoon style and still not for children: the cart is fascinating and the story told brutal and dark (Source: stevebondi on IMDB).

Viewers seem to see it similarly: According to a post on Twitter, Arcane was in on November 8th 38 countries worldwide at number 1 on the Netflix charts:

What is Arcane about?

In the fantasy series Arcane Tensions boil over between the wealthy town of Piltover and the poorer Ghetto Fence as a new drug begins to circulate: you and that too magic technology hextech enable normal people to develop supernatural powers. The focus is on two sisters fighting on different sides.

Arcane is animated in a special drawing style. You can see a first taste in the trailer:

In contrast to many Netflix series appear new episodes of Arcane weekly and not all at once. So far, three episodes are online, each lasting about 45 minutes. The first season of Arcane will contain a total of nine episodes.

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