New smartphone: Xiaomi wants to hit Samsung even harder

Samsung is coming under increasing pressure from Xiaomi. The Chinese company is gaining more and more market power and Samsung has little to counter that. Now Xiaomi even wants to build an Android smartphone that Samsung has not had any real competition for.

Xiaomi is planning a folding phone like Samsung’s

Many manufacturers have already tried it, but only Samsung has really achieved success with its folding phones. Xiaomi would like to change that soon. The Chinese company is now testing a display that can folds in the middle and corresponds to that of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Source: GizChina). So it should be a classic smartphone that can be folded up. Xiaomi already has its own version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on offer. However, it is more like a tablet that can be folded up into a smartphone.

With the new folding smartphone, Xiaomi wants to reach a price range that does not seem overpriced. Nevertheless it should new model own high-end specificationsto stand up to Samsung. There are no concrete details about the final design or the specifications yet. At the moment it is only known that Xiaomi is planning such a folding phone.

Xiaomi could even rely on the display from Samsung. A few months ago, Samsung announced that it would sell the folding displays of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 to Chinese customers. So it wouldn’t surprise us if that The display of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is used in the Xiaomi model. In general, we have already asked ourselves where all the folding cell phones are that are supposed to come from China at the end of 2021.

in the Video Let’s tell you what the folding phones from Samsung can do:

Samsung should already be working on the next generation

While Xiaomi is currently trying to attack the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung is likely to be working on the successor. This is how the South Korean company ensures that the competition is always one step back. Should Xiaomi ask for a much lower price, the folding phone from China could still be an interesting option.

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