New teaser trailer shows Soulslike’s first alpha gameplay

After the upcoming Soulslike “Lies of P” was announced, the first gameplay material of the action RPG has now been released.

In May of this year Round8 surprised Studio and publisher NeoWiz with the announcement of their Soulslike “Lies of P”. Now the colleagues from IGN exclusively publish a new teaser trailer that shows gameplay scenes from a pre-alpha version of the action role-playing game for the first time. As always, you can watch the video below in the article.

Lies of P: Fight your way through the destroyed Krat as Pinocchio

The story of the game is inspired by the Italian literary classic “Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi, but puts its plot and characters in a gloomy setting that was stylistically noticeably influenced by the Baroque. More precisely, players slip into the role of the puppet mechanoid Pinocchio, who comes to in the meanwhile devastated city of Krat, which has degenerated into a hell on earth.

The main character only finds a piece of paper that says he should find Mr. Geppetto, who is somewhere in the once gleaming metropolis. As the new gameplay teaser shows, all kinds of dangers await our character, because Krat is ruled by hideous and crazy machines that Pinocchio has to face in “Lies of P” if he wants to achieve his goal.

Fortunately, the protagonist knows how to defend himself, as can be clearly seen in the new video. With various melee weapons, including a saber and an ax, the puppet mechanoid fights bravely through the various areas of the city. Modifications to his body can also be seen, such as a flamethrower and a grappling hook that he can use to pull opponents towards him. In addition, the main character can also block and counter attacks.

In addition to the demanding fights, which are visually discreetly reminiscent of From Software’s “Bloodborne”, the so-called “lies” system should also play an important role in Soulslike. Depending on what Pinocchio does and says, this should have dynamic effects on the game’s gameplay.

“Lies of P” is to appear in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and the PC.

What is your opinion on the first “Lies of P” gameplay?

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