New World: Lack of players leads to drastic measures

At first New World had too many players, now it’s apparently the opposite and that’s going to have an impact. Amazon Games confirmed that the merging of servers is imminent.

New World: The number of players is falling

After several delays, Amazon’s first attempt in the MMO genre appeared on September 28, 2021. At first it was a resounding success, so New World quickly shot up in the charts. The game’s popularity has now apparently declined again – That could be due to bugs like the gold doubling, which almost paralyzed the economy in the game.

With the 1.05 update, Amazon managed to fix some of the problems, but apparently it is on some servers to record a sharp decline in population. Now the group is reacting with the merger. The “New World” developer Kay announced in the official forum:

“Hello everyone, the merging of the worlds is imminent, but will require further testing before we are confident enough to use the technology on the live worlds. As you can imagine, considering the first rocky weeks here, we are overly cautious.

Keep an eye out for an update from our community managers on this topic in the official news section. “

Is New World something for you? You can get an impression in the trailer:

New tokens for changing servers could come

Most of the fans in the forum respond positively to this message, but some players have theirs Token for a server transfer now practically wasted. This also includes forum user Kyriona.

“Is there any hope of a second transfer token for those of us who used the first to join friends and are now stuck on dead servers? I know it’s early, it’s only noon, but according to the New World database, there are only 167 people online on my server. More people are switching servers every day.

As annoying as the bugs and exploits are, I could handle them … but it’s hard to play a game like this when there aren’t many others to play with. “

It seems like these players are lucky, because developer Kay replied, that there is definitely hope.

(Source: New World Forum)

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