New York will consider threatening immigrants to report their immigration status as extortion

Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York.

Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York.

Photo: Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

From this week on New York will be considered as potential crimes of extortion or coercion the threats to report before the authorities immigration status of another person.

It happens after Saturday, the Democratic governor Kathy hochul sign a law with which he wants “protect the undocumented immigrants”. In this way, the measure legally reclassifies the threats, considered until before this regulation as a crime only in cases of sex or labor trafficking.

In this way, New York prosecutors they will be able to chase who try extortionnarrate another person by threatening to seek deportation proceedings against them, something that, according to the note from the state administration, occurs in states such as California, Colorado, Maryland or Virginia.

Hochul added that he intends to make the state “safer against threats and intimidation viles ”, and highlighted the“ hard work and determination of generations of immigrants”While vowing to help them.

The legislation was approved by the state Assembly and Senate this summer, before Hochul took office. Its promoters, the senator Anna kaplan and the assemblywoman Michaelle Solanges, applauded that the state update its regulations to better protect your undocumented residents.

This law is based on a model legislation that has been recommended by the Institute of Public Leadership under the title of “Law to prevent extortion of immigrants”.

“For an undocumented immigrant who fled danger in his home country, be reported to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service) it can be a death sentenceBut sadly too many people are willing to take advantage of our most vulnerable neighbors, ”Kaplan said.

“Arbitrary threats of deportation are extremely harmful for New Yorkers trying to feed their families and give their children a better life, and we are with them today and forever, ”added Solanges.

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