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Nicaragua accuses the United States of “continuous interference” in its internal affairs and points to the ambassador

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua.

Photo: INTI OCON / AFP / Getty Images

Through a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nicaragua denounced “The continued meddling” of the United States, through its ambassador in Managua, “in the affairs of the country.”

Without specifically identifying the alleged interference, the Ministry asked the ambassador Kevin Sullivan to refrain “from following violating our national harmony, and give up wanting to impose your vulgar, creeping, aberrant, insolent, ignoble, abominable and decadent Yankee politics, which we declare, once again, nothing pleasant for Nicaraguans ”.

The public congratulation of the diplomat was known to the independent publication “Confidencial”, critical of the Nicaraguan government, for its anniversary through Twitter.

“Our sovereignty, which is not discussed, nor is it handed over to the ‘fierce barbarians‘, cannot continue to be violated or violated by the same invaders and interveners as always“Said the note of complaint from the Central American country.

The Managua Foreign Ministry called on Sullivan to adopt “a respectful and responsible conduct, in the context of the Vienna Convention, which all States are obliged to observe and comply with, in diplomatic relations that impose recognition of the sovereignty and self-determination of the countries concerned ”.

“Covert Attacks” and “Hypocritical Salutations”

“Mr. Sullivan continuously expresses himself, directly and indirectly, to the detriment of our decisions institutional and our independent national policies, of an independent country, which is not a colony of anybody ”, indicated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Managua, the US ambassador “pretends to ignore our legitimacy as a State, in this Nicaragua where we live in freedom, peace and democracy, thanks to the courage of our people, and in accordance with the principles and norms of our Constitution ”.

“We demand that Mr. Sullivan May his covert attacks cease, his hypocritical salutations, disguised as a diplomatic courtesy that he abandoned long ago, and that rather has been, and is, an example of the continuous, perverse, detestable invasive interference by the United States in our Nicaragua, so many abusive and criminal interventions that we have denounced and will continue to denounce ”, he continued.

Meanwhile, “Confidencial” is one of the three media critical of the president’s government, led by the influential journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, exiled in Costa Rica for the second time since 2018.

One month before the elections

Nicaragua publishes that note when it is missing less than a month to general elections, in which the president Daniel Ortega seeks his third consecutive reelection.

Ortega, who is seeking his fifth, fourth consecutive and second term together with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, appealed at the start of his campaign to nationalism and American anti-imperialism to “give continuity to the peace,” which, he said, was reestablished by his government after the protests against him broke out in April 2018, and which the Executive describes as an attempted coup.

He also justified the arrest of seven aspiring presidential candidates by the opposition, who were emerging as their main contenders.

According to Ortega, a former Sandinista guerrilla close to his 76th birthday, and in power since 2007, opponents are detained by “terrorists”.

He accused them of being at the “service of the Yankees” (United States) and having led the popular revolt that broke out in April 2018 over controversial reforms to social security and which later became a demand for the resignation of President Ortega.

With information from agencies.

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