NOAA Forecasts Warmer, Drier Weather in Several Areas of the United States During Winter

A more humid winter than normal for the northwest of the country and a warmer one prolonging the droughts in the southeastern United States, as reported on Twitter by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) this Friday. Droughts in the south of the country are expected to last for a longer time.

Due to the climatic conditions that the La Niña phenomenon will cause, the authorities estimate that for the north of the country the temperatures will decrease significantly, what could help fight wildfires that have already wiped out approximately 2 million acres in 2021.

According to NOAA, during the winter the severe drought that hit the south of the country is forecast to continue into next year, because 90% of the western United States is still under exceptional droughts or extreme for several months.

For its part, California faces its driest year in nearly 100 years of history and is under a state of emergency despite the fact that in recent weeks several occasional rains and drops in temperatures have relieved the reservoirs, albeit in a minimal way.

“In the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, the Upper Midwest, and Hawaii probably they should see an improvement from the drought “said Jon Gottschalck of the Storm Prediction Center.

As for the Midwest, Ohio Valley and part of the East Coast, in addition to being dry, they will be warmer than in previous seasons.

“There will be below-normal rainfall along the southern strip of the US.And with that being the expectation of what we are favoring in the outlook, we expect the drought to persist in many parts of the Southwest, ”said Gottschalck.

According to CNN, last year NOAA made a forecast similar to the one it would have in store for the United States for this winter, however, it did not work and the temperatures ended up being lower than expected.

“There is a lot of uncertainty when predictions are made so far into the future. Many things can happen that could not be foreseen like when the forecast was made last fallTom Di Liberto said in a blog posted on the NOAA page.

Despite the forecasts, NOAA warns that these climates could have a shorter duration than expected, so they do not rule out that at some point the temperatures will drop significantly in the south of the country during winter.

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