Norma Dumont to UFC Vegas 40: “I don’t have $ 50 left over. I didn’t know this about the UFC »


In a recent interview with Mundo da Luta, Norma Dumont he was talking about how he needs the money he is going to receive in tonight’s main fight against Aspen ladd on UFC Vegas 40. Not only by contract but also by the addition that you can have if you win or if you get a bonus like Fight of the Night or Performance of the Night. Pulling the same thread, the fighter once again revealed what her economic situation is at the moment while talking to Combat.

Norma Dumot to UFC Vegas 40

I’m fighting to survive, to live, to pay the rent, my bills. That is what some people do not understand. I have never had a good financial situation. I have always tried hard. People close to me know. People think that because I’m in the UFC, in Las Vegas, I must be swimming in money. Since we moved here, we have been making food deliveriesNow Johnny (Vieira, Norma’s trainer) is working in the gym, but he doesn’t earn much, it’s enough to pay the rent. I have some support to cover food and supplements, but that’s the bare minimum. If I show you what I have in the bank, I don’t have 50 dollars to spare. It is not a lie, it is the truth. My coach helps me a lot, otherwise I would have already returned to Brazil. However, this is not a problem for me, it is fuel. I have to do my job.

When I lived in Brazil, I didn’t think UFC fighters were poorly paid. I thought it was good because it would convert it (to real). But it is difficult for those who live in the United States, because our expenses are also in dollars. It is also not a monthly thing. We get paid every four months or so, if you are an active fighter. If you get hurt, you’re screwed. You don’t know when you’ll be back in the cage. I think it would be nice if the UFC paid a monthly minimum wage of three or five thousand dollars. So when a person fights, they earn theirs. So you can survive for a few months and when you get the money from the fight, you can really win some money. Maybe I can improve when I renew my contract. The amount is really low on your first UFC contract. If you are in Brazil and you say that we have no reason to complain, come to the United States and see what You wouldn’t last three months here on his first UFC check. It’s reality”.

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