November update unlocks all cleaners and improves the gaming experience

The cooperative zombie shooter has received an extensive update. As soon as you have installed it, all cleaners are playable from the start. Apart from that, numerous improvements are made, the most important of which have been highlighted in this article.

Back 4 Blood: November update unlocks all cleaners and improves the gaming experience

As soon as you have downloaded the update for “Back 4 Blood” released today, all cleaners (the playable characters) can be selected from the start. So far, only four cleaners were available at the beginning. In order to activate the four other cleaners, the campaign had to be completed first. Their names are Doc, Hoffman, Jim and Karlee. You can tell about their abilities inform here.

However, this is not the only change. The developers have made numerous improvements to improve the overall gaming experience.

The most important changes in the overview

  • Completing any campaign chapter now unlocks all previous chapters.
  • Voice chat in the game can now be deactivated in the audio options.
  • A mute icon has been added to the HUD for players who have voice chat turned off or muted.
  • The first time user experience now sends players straight to Fort Hope.
  • Added additional post-round stats for swarm PvP.
  • Added Mute All button to scoreboard in Swarm PvP.
  • First aid cabinets will now preview the amount of health they will heal.
  • Players will now recover within Fort Hope.
  • This change does not affect players in the line of fire.
  • The / all message command has been added to allow players to send messages to the global chat channel.

There are also various other changes. This includes adjustments to the gameplay, the balance, the map system and the zombies. Some bugs are also at risk.

Controller players can also be pleased: Among other things, new options have been added and the aim assist has been improved. On the PS5, the development team has reduced the trigger resistance of melee weapons and adjusted the volley shot to the rate of fire.

You can find out what content will be added in the coming months here:

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Back 4 Blood was released on October 12th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can find the detailed patch notes on the official website.

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