Official explains why omicron cases in Qatar so far are moderate and mild

Doha: Despite the fast spread of Omicron variant infections, the virus is classed as a medium and moderate virus, according to Dr Jamila Al Ajmi, Executive Director of Hamad Medical Corporation’s Infection Control Department.

Because of the high level of community immunity in Qatar (over 85 per cent), the symptoms are predicted to be modest and mild, she noted.

“Despite omicron variant is rapidly spreading, the most cases that we have seen so far from Omicron in Qatar, and in other countries of the world, are with symptoms ranging from moderate to mild, somewhat similar to the flu. Some cases suffer from severe headaches and high temperatures for days,” Al Ajmi noted.

She also expected that “the cases will remain moderate to mild, especially since a large proportion of the community is vaccinated.

Al Ajmi encouraged anybody with coronavirus symptoms or who has been in touch with an infected individual to seek medical attention. The pandemic would stop if the global vaccination rate hits 70%, she added, and infected cases are continuously monitored to see if they require critical care.

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