OnePlus cell phone explodes again: owner with severe burns

Another cell phone from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus went up in flames. As the Indian owner reports, his OnePlus Nord 2 literally exploded in his pocket. He is now complaining of severe burns on his thigh. OnePlus has already issued an initial statement.

OnePlus Nord 2: Cell phone goes up in flames

It is at least the third incident of this kind: In India, another OnePlus Nord 2 went up in flames and has caused serious injuries to its owner. The cell phone is said to have been in your pocket when it caught fire without warning. The smartphone shouldn’t have been noticeable beforehand with a noticeable development of heat, and the owner didn’t notice any change while it was charging.

The owner turns with very clear words to the manufacturer: “Stop playing with other people’s lives!” He writes on Twitter. According to OnePlus, contact has already been made with the injured party. In a first statement it says: “We take such incidents seriously. Our team has already contacted the user and we are in the process of collecting the details in order to further investigate the case ”(source:

in the Video: Everything about the OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

Exploding OnePlus phones: cases are mounting

Worrying that it is not the first explosion of a OnePlus Nord 2. In August 2021, the first incident occurred in which a five-day-old OnePlus Nord 2 went up in flames. The owner was then involved in a bicycle accident.

About a month later, another one exploded, again in India. The cell phone was in the owner’s jacket pocket at the time of the explosion. Fortunately, he was able to get one shortly beforehand unusual heat development notice and take off the jacket at the last moment.

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